Smol Pub is now free and open source

Smol Pub is a tiny journal service for the small net. This notebook doesn't live in your backpocket but on the internet, and it makes your writings available from the Web, Gopher and Gemini. I also intended to make it a paid service at $12/year to ensure its longevity. But after giving it much thought, I decided to change my mind. It's now free and will always be, and it's there thanks to all the donations (beers?) the patrons of the Midnight are giving. The instance I'm hosting lives on a linode machine with 25GB of SSD, so it should be plenty for a whole lot of us.

And well, now the code is fully available for anyone to use. So if you want to go ahead and host your own server, please be my guest! I would also love to learn about it if you do so.

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From Dusk's End, Nightfall City