Rain, coffee, welcome, games.

I decided yesterday that today I would go to the office. Two colleagues I really like are going there. Plus, it's Friday, which usually means a less stressful atmosphere and a potential trip to the bar at the end of the afternoon. Well, I woke up to the heaviest rain I've seen in a while. Not just rain but a full blown thunderstorm! That's the excuse I'll take for working from home today. Who knew a full-blown thunderstorm could have the best of my willpower?

I'm currently writing this from the porch/balcony. It's incredible soothing to hear the heavy rain hit just few meters from me, while still being protected by the porch's roof. There's a cozy factor: it's a mess outside but there's hot coffee in the kitchen kind of thing. The air is cold and is a good wake-up from the usual hot but sleep-inducing temperature of a June day. I usually take walks by the park in the morning to get started by sitting by the rain will do perfectly.

I love seing new people arrive to Smol Pub!

Welcome bentsai!

I really dig "low-tech" things. Part of it is the desire to understand something to its bits, and if it's too complicated, I can't understand it :) But there's an elegance and robustness to when things are simple.

It's so hard to make complex things simple! At times, it's even impossible without trade-offs. But that's the beauty of it. I dig low-tech for the same reason.

Publishing things online makes them more alive and dynamic. Being able to link a post/thought means you, or anyone else on the internet, can refer to it and build on top of it.

It makes it more real, doesn't it? Look, I literally quote something you said and hey, maybe you won't ever see this message because there's literally no system to let you know that I quoted you. But I did!

From starbreaker:

As it is, I'm tempted to renew my Final Fantasy XIV subscription for the upcoming ENDWALKER expansion, but I've still got a few single-player games I haven't quite finished yet.

I've always wanted to try FFXIV. I spent a good time of my childhood playing FF and the universe and storytelling in those games are something. I've heard there's a strong and even growing community on the FF online games.

I get your point on MMO though. I'm torn myself when anything promotes things like instant gratification, achievements, leveling. On some games it gets pretty bad, with microtransactions, loot boxes and other near-gambling mechanics that can induce addiction. There's also the whole notion of sunken-cost fallacy where you invest so much time (or money) that you're tempted to invest more. It can be a hard cycle to get away from.

Alright then, time for me to get ready for work.


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