Midnight Pub on libera chat

A few days ago, I hinted that I wanted to learn more about IRC. I discovered libera chat, and also read up on the freenode history, as well as the whole IRC history which I find fascinating. Hard to imagine IRC was created the same year I was born. A sign of quality for sure!

I deeply enjoy browsing libera chat website. They explain what the project is, but also give clear guides to novice IRC users like me who don't even have a client... well, until now! I downloaded hexchat. I also know there's an emacs client (ERC), and since I spend most of my time in emacs, I might look into it later, but for now I'd rather keep things simple and learn the basics.

Speaking of basics, I joined #gemini, #gopher and have created #midnight-pub. Feel free to join me in that channel if you feel like it! I was able to set a topic on the channel. Oh and there's this ChanServ bot that's in there and that's been very kind!

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