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I was so focus this morning that I forgot I had a coffee brewing within the aeropress. In general, that's not a problem, I even prefer when it sits there for a while. But this time it stayed so long that it got a little cold... That's what happens when you are focused! And mild-cold coffee is still coffee. If it's coffee, then it's good. It's still a great addition to the overal coziness of a sunday morning. To add to that coziness, I could have taken the thinkpad outside but there's no thunderstorm right now! And although I love my machine, its screen is terrible. Add that to the sun and it makes it close to impossible to write outside. Until I change the screen, I'll just stay in! But I'm digressing.

Yesterday I started writing a simple feed aggregator inspired by capcom [1] to keep track of all the people I enjoy reading on the small net, but also on the web. I love the simple layout capcom has. I think that's how I like to read feeds the most. There's no notion of "unread", there's no number that change. We just see the latest posts by date. So I wanted the same for people I follow!

The way it works is the following: I start the reader (I called it smolreader) passing it a file containing a list of feed urls (rss or atom) - one per line. Smolreader fetches the 10 most recent entries from each feed, and presents them the capcom way (a header for the day, and links from each posts within that day), then starts a gemini server locally to serve the page. And that's it.

I'll probably write more about smolreader soon, and release the source so that anyone can use.

[1] Capcom


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