Are we defined by the software we use?

Of course we aren't. Are we? Or rather, it's the other way around: who we are define the software we use to help us accomplish what we want. I think reading usesthis is fascinating. The hardware people use define their muscle memory to accomplish tasks. They'll be slightly different from people to people based on the keyboard you use, its layout, the fact that use use a trackpoint or a mouse. Then there's the software: which one do you use? Which abstraction does it have? How does it let you think? Those softare often define how we'd approach a problem. And there's more than just efficiency, there's also the atomosphere and vibe your environment gives you. Basically, how you feel when you use a computing environment. While who we are shapes the environement, with time the environment starts to shape us as well. And that's probably a hint to take a little break and enjoy the real world!


Written with Smol Pub
From Dusk's End, Nightfall City