Another day, another post, comfortably seated on the outside porch of the appartment. Yesterday I was discussing decision making. I don't know if this happens to you but it sure does to me: as the day goes by, my ability to take decision reduces more and more until it's completely gone. Almost as if I had an internal variable called `decision_count` and each time I need to take one, it decreases. Sometimes it only decreases by one. Sometimes, it decreases by a lot if the decision is hard. But then that variable gets recharged everyday depending on how well rested I am. A sort of daily budget of decisions.

I guess it explains why I'm more of a morning person. I tend to decide things early in the day when the decision budget is still full. Which might be a problem when lots of unplanned things come down my day. I also realize how much habits and decision making are linked. What's great about habits is that they remove the need to make decisions, and to decrease that `decision_count` variable. In the business world, that's also why processes are also thought to bring productivity. If you can reduce your decision making to only important decision, then you are more likely to make better important decisions. And sometimes, there's no better decision to make.


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From Dusk's End, Nightfall City