If you're wondering what I've been doing for the last few weeks, wonder no more: I've been working on status.cafe, a place to share your current status. It all started when I discovered imood, a service that's been around for more than 20 years. It allows people to share their current mood. In many ways, it's a lot like micro-blogging, but centered around feelings. What's incredible is to see that it still exists after 20 years. There aren't millions of features. It's the same today as it was 20 years ago and it still works because it's good.

status.cafe is a lot like imood meets myspace. You can share your current status, and customize your profile with HTML. If you want to follow someone, you can subscribe to their atom feed. If you'd like to show your current status on your homepage, you can too, with the status widget.

I hope you like it!



Written with Smol Pub
From Dusk's End, Nightfall City