Smol Pub: feed email

I'm always surprised and excited when I discover something on a technology that I thought I knew everything about. It happened with atom. A few days ago I received a message from crussel who found a vulnerability on ichi [1]. Not only did they explain a way to solve it, but they also mentioned that if we add an email within the atom/rss feed, people who use supporting clients can reply directly to a post. Which I think is absolutely phenomenal!

So from now on, every smol.pub user who desires can go to the Settings > Advanced > Email (feed) tab and enter the email they'd like to add to their feed. Want to comment on someone's post? Hit the reply button on your feed reader (if it supports it). Of course, if you'd rather not add your email, no problem at all. It's fully opt-in.

And that's it! Feel free to try and to reply to this post if you read if from a feed reader.

Thank you again crussel!

[1] ichi.city


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