Smol Pub Update: Home Sweet Home

When visiting your journal on smol.pub, you are presented with your posts. However sometimes we want to add a little more to the list of posts. For that we can add a header and footer to the list. But what if we want a little more? A sort of cover. Or just a page with links, one of them being your posts page? I love the concept of a home page. That's one I've re-discovered while exploring the Gemini and Gopher space. It's one I still see on the web but unfortunately not nearly as much as I'd like. I love the creativity and quirkiness of some of them. I love the coziness.

And so it's now possible to write a home page with smol.pub. The default behavior of showing the list of posts doesn't change, however when you log into your account, there's a new "Home" section in the nav bar. When you click it, you'll be able to write in gemtext what should appear on your home, instead of the posts list. If it's empty, it defaults to showing the post (default behavior). If not, it shows your home's content.

To make it work, I've added an alias to the posts view at "/posts". So if you write a home, make sure to include a link to "/posts"! I'm fairly excited about this one. I'll be working on my home page shortly and update the manual as well.


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