I've found the Winamp Skin Museum [1] and it's been a fun trip. Winamp was such a landmark, distinctive software. A product of its age. We could download it, theme it, make it our own. It was also true for lots of software of that era. I remember using ICQ quite a lot, and spending hours to customize it. I added a terrible sound anytime someone sent me a message, and it even got really annoying now that I think about it!

Software has evolved a lot in the years. It's become easier to use, even by non-technical people like my parents. And for that alone I think that's great. Yet I can't help but feel a little nostalgic of the time the general trend was software like Winamp. Which doesn't really makes sense since I'm pretty sure I could download an old version of Winamp and have it run. If anything, computers today allow much more customization than what was available at the time, for much cheaper. I guess I'm just getting old!

[1] Winamp Skin Museum


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From Dusk's End, Nightfall City