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Good morning, good evening, or afternoon to you reader who is reading this feed. It's currently 5am and I'm struggling to sleep. I tend to wake up early but the more it goes, the earlier I wake up, and somewhat I'm not convinced that's great for my overall energy level throughout the day.

However the great news is that we're Friday.

So there's that. Oh and somewhat I changed the theme to my desktop environment to look like Windows 95. It works suprisingly well by the way! If you also want a little bit of Windows 95 and you are on XFCE, check:

Chicago 95

As I was ruthlessly exploring the Internet a few days ago, I found GEORGE. And what a surprising thing this GEORGE is.

According to GEORGE's page

GEORGE is responsible for 67% of all experiences experienced by users of GEORGE

Which is a rather strong statement. Reading further, I was happy to see that:

GEORGE is also available in plain text.

I'm still unsure I've fully grasp what (who?) GEORGE really is, but that page was a lot of fun to read and explore. Diving into the webring made me find really interesting websites, such as:


Which runs fake (real?!) advertisements throughout the GEORGE webring. Each ad is a satire. Here's an example:

I'll probably resume my explorations soon. Really enjoy that quirky/weird/fun bit of the web.

And speaking of which, thank you idiomdrottning for making me realize about accessibility with inline images!

And why is this bad? It’s bad for accessibility purps. Not just for people who can’t see but for everyone who loves to scrape and kitbash and mash up and just work with text as text♥

I now better understand why Lagrange doesn't show the image directly!

Right, sooo, shall I go back to bed?


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