Roasting coffee at home?

As the coffee is getting ready, I'm taking a look at capcom [1]. It's been a while since I went there. I miss this place. I need to go there more.

[1] Capcom

Re: On Adventures in Coffe Roasting

If you read up on home coffee roasting, among the reviews for $1000 roasting machines and scary DIY contraptions, there are a lot of references to using a popcorn maker. Last week my state went in to a lockdown and I was bored, surfing around on eBay and I found a popcorn maker for like $29 shipped. Why not?

I would have never thought of using a popcorn maker to roast coffee! Thinking about it, I never really thought about roasting coffee at all. Somehow I've always assumed that's not something one could simply done at home. But thinking about it now, I can only imagine how great the smell must be when roasting from home, and how good the taste might be once grinded and turned into a coffee not long after it's been roasted... with a popcorn maker!


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