It all started with a cow

I wanted to make them appear bigger, because we all know cows are larger than humans, right?

I thought it'd be easy, but far was I from the realization that this would need me to literally revamp most of the code from the mmo I'm hacking on. But how can a seemingly tiny detail have such an impact you ask? And why did I decide to go down that road of revamping everything to accomodate to the cow's size? I'm glad you ask, because I'm not quite sure on both topics.

But hey, I'm having lots of fun doing it. I'm using a software called Tiled (1) that's extremely helpful. It's simple, yet it allows customizations when it comes to building the game world. I'm currently right in the process of figuring out a way move all the hard-coded parts from the code directly in tiled's exported configuration files.

[1] Tiled

On another news, I'm getting my second vaccine shot tomorrow. Looking forward to that, so that I'll be done with it. Also, welcome to smol.pub bad-gateway and parthen! I hope you enjoy the place.


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