Commute Log

Greetings fellow reader of my smol pub feed! Welcome to another episode of the Commute Log. A post full of mundane facts like “this person in front of me is speaking super loudly on their phone!”, and “I didn’t have to wait the train for so long today.”

This week’s been very busy in my personal and professional life. I’m happy to finally take some time to write, even if it’s from the discomfort of my smartphone. It’s one small step after all. This week I’ve visited my parents and worked remotely from there. The temperature was really high and I’ve been working in a room just under the roof. There’s no AC, which brings up the difficulty level a few notch.

On my free time, which was close to inexistant, I’ve watched a few movies with my dad and worked on the MMO. I’ve changed the way collisions are handled by adding a new “depth” dimension. While the game is not 3D at all, the fact that there’s a perspective makes me need to keep track of the depth of objects.

Unrelated, I was really scared a few days ago when I saw my computer couldn’t charge anymore. Luckily, I had a spare battery available. I do appreciate how simple it is to swap batteries on a thinkpad.

Anyway, I’m about to arrive. Thanks for reading this Commute Log!


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