Smol updates

It's been a while since I last posted! I think it's mostly because I spend most of my free time these days working on my that little MMO project I've started last week. It's actually going pretty well. It's incredible how many parts there are to a game, and if I had thought about all it takes to build one, I would have probably never started. But there I am! It's possible to move around, chat, take a weapon, drop it, hit enemies, get gold pieces. It's not much and the graphics are terrible but it's fun. Well, at least when I'm not refactoring. I've spent close to a week refactoring now and I'm hoping to get a solid foundation soon, so that I can start adding more content, get a linode, and put the game in it.

Oh and by the way hello november! Wow, I absolutely love what you've done with your blog. The theme looks amazing. Glad you found your way around here and let me know if you need anything!


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