Commute log: New Project

Hello from the train, dear internet person! I’m on my way to the city with the GF to rediscover parts I haven’t seen for a long time. I’m extremely excited to stroll around neighborhoods, sit down at a cafe, have a drink and eat something without the need to go home early. It’s now allowed to be outside until 11pm, which is more than enough to have a good time.

I’ve also picked up a new project. A few posts ago I mentioned how I enjoy old school MMOs. I discovered a game called Aberoth and fell in love with its simplicity and its graphics. Being on Linux with a good old thinkpad x250, I always appreciate when I see a game I like run on it. Aberoth client uses JavaScript and runs extremely smoothly. It’s crazy to think that web browsers are full blown application engines that lets you run programs cross platform. It’s scary too. But in this case, I was glad not to have to worry to install anything and still be able to play the game. It might sound hypocrite for me to say so after all I say about JavaScript and how the web would be better without it. I still haven’t fully formed my opinion around the matter. But anyway, I digress from the topic at hand!

So I’m building a little MMO, inspired by Aberoth. I’ve always been fascinated by virtual places and online communities. It feels like exploring virtual worlds is fun next step to keep this exploration. I’ve never really built any game before, but I’ve been having lots of fun in a few hours I’ve put on this new MMO. At the current stage, I’ve created a basic system for characters, movement and a map. Basic networking code allows lots of people to be connected and play together. Like any MMO, there’s going to be progression and I’ve released a simple registration/sign in flow.

I’m still unsure about the settings but there’s a good chance it will take place in Nightfall City, where the Midnight is located. Things might be different, so let’s see. I’ll make sure to share some screenshots soon, just so you can see how ugly it will look like ;)

But now, time to log off.

Cheers all!


Written with Smol Pub
From Dusk's End, Nightfall City