Video games

Video games fascinated me when I was a kid. Seeing images on a screen that move and respond to commands was something so incredibly cool. Better than that, it was pure magic. I was rather young when I got my first computer, something around 8. It was running Windows 3.1 and only had a few games. One of them being a skiing game that I can't forget! It's called Ski Free. You just ski and at some point there's a monster that runs toward you and tries to eat you. I don't think it's possible to escape that monster but as a kid I was certain we could. So I'd try and try again to escape from them, but was never successful.

My mind was blown a few years later when I discovered multiplayer online games. Games were cool, but playing with other people online? That's something I would have never thought in a million years! I still remember that day in my early teens when I was at by best friend's house. Her brother introduced her to a game called "The 4th Coming". It's an MMORPG, but at the time I didn't know what it meant. All I remember was that there were lots of people on the screen, I and kept asking her "so they are all real people??". I think we spoke to every single people in the beginner's town before we even started to understand that the point of the game was to kill monsters to get stronger.

Fast forward today, I'm still fascinated by online communities and virtual worlds, although I don't take the time play games so much. The last few days I did though. I tried a game called "aberoth". From an art standpoint it looks like a mix between Ski Free and The 4th Coming: 8 bit pixelated art, just the way I like it. To my surprise, even though the game is more than 10 years old there are still players in there. There's a tavern, a bartender, and there's even a "drinking" skill. So dear reader, let me know if that's a game we play and who knows, maybe at some point we can kill some orcs together!


What about you? What games do you currently play? How do you find time to play?

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