Commute log

Writing from the train I take to go to the office. If there’s one thing I haven’t missed during lockdown it’s definitely morning commute. That being said, it unlocks activities like reading, watching a show on the phone, listening to musing and day dreaming. Or simply getting angry because the train is stuck just like it currently is!

I’ve seen others write from their daily commutes. I find it a great way to pass the time while doing something enjoyable. I remember enjoying reading them as one can feel the frustrations of a stream of consciousness trying to break away from direct reality. And to be honest, it might not be the best thing to be on the phone so long while in transportation. It just feels wrong to use tech as a way to shield oneself from physical reality. I could be meditating for example. Hmmm I definitely could do that. Right, time to meditate!


Written with Smol Pub
From Dusk's End, Nightfall City